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Cross the boundaries of your own personal perception. Use both your own background as well as sources of team culture. Endeavour to synchronize personal goals with the goals and vision of the team.

use buttons N,S,E,W, UP  and mouse pad to play with dice

Compare what you see (zoom in) and what others see (zoom out). Share this perspective, as well as taking theirs on board. Fit your observation into the context of others.
Individual perspective and assume your side alone is right or others’ perspectives and find common ground by exploring these differences. Consider the other perspectives and ask others to rephrase yours. Create the starting point for discussion.
Your team's perspective is not the only one, check the correlations with others' scope. Create synergy and clarification regarding limits.
Use the drone view and visualize the whole. Check what the correlations between projects are, how they interact and experiment putting them together. Think of the 3 dimensions of Project Development: Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management.